Business strategy

The following business strategy sets us apart from the competition:

Strength via local partnerships.

A good local connection can do wonders for your company. We get that. Which is why CTOW puts great effort into developing local partnerships. From infrastructure to workforce, we believe in the potential of partnering up with local communities and cultures. Without them our global partnerships just wouldn’t work.

Turnkey solutions due to strong backbone of partners in CTOW.

We know our clients. They need a single service provider that can offer full turnkey support. A global package that includes all marine services, eliminating the need for time-consuming interfaces, resolving potential conflicts between subcontractors and keeping the activities of service providers and contractors separate. Our turnkey support package is tailor made to clients’ needs.

Long-term sustainable development.

In a world that changes as rapidly as ours does, it’s important to have reliable partners you can count on. Which is why we build long-term partnerships with local and global partners. We know them, they know us. And we understand eachother. Which is why we’re on the same page when it comes to building a sustainable and durable future.