Mission and vision


CTOW’s mission is to provide worldwide combined marine terminal operations as a prominent company with unsurpassed values for its customers, shareholders, employees and the community.


CTOW’s vision is to accomplish excellence in performance in everything we do, we believe in teamwork exploring the edges of perfection day by day by “doing things right the first time”.

Core Values

The core values of CTOW are:
• We are skilled in what we do;
• We show leadership;
• We have the right attitude;
• We have one employee: Our Team;
• We are motivators who can listen;
• We analyse before we act;
• We are excellent in performance;
• We are driven by QHSE-S indicators;
• We never stop improving;
• We accomplish our vision with pride and human dignity.

The CTOW core values are based on the DEME core values and can be summarized under the acronym STRIVE which stands for:
Safety: The personal safety and health of our employees and stakeholders is our greatest responsibility.
Technical leadership: With an open mind and the right team spirit, we continue to improve our processes and find trail-blazing solutions to the needs and challenges of our customers.
Respect: Our employees are trained and motivated to meet the challenges ahead. Individuality and diversity will be valued and performance is recognized. We provide our customers with unsurpassed value-added service. Our relationship with suppliers reflects respect, understanding and sound business practice.
Integrity: We conduct our activities according the highest standards of ethics and personal integrity. This fosters and maintains the trust and confidence of our employees, including the necessary dedication and flexibility to our customers and our suppliers.
Value Creation: We make result driven decisions in order to ensure long-term growth for the benefit of employees, customers and shareholders, including financial discipline to keep the company healthy.
Environment: Protect the environment and avoid adverse impacts to the environment and the communities in which we do business.

Local Roots

It all begins locally. As the hands of our business, local communities are an integral part of what we do. Without them, we would be missing a key ingredient in the field. Which is why we go to great lengths to integrate ourselves in communities and cultures worldwide. By using local infrastructure and engaging local talent, we want to develop local regions and together set the highest safety, quality and operating standards possible. This includes training and developing local staff, creating a highly-skilled workforce and laying the foundations for future excellence. Only after acting locally can we start thinking globally.

Global Partnerships

As an international company, CTOW offers dedicated maritime services all over the world. Our shareholders have an international scope of activities, and our clients know they can expect a global service package that includes professional assistance with dedicated marine terminals and all related services. In every sense, we are a global company with local roots. Meaning we engage ourselves every step of the way. From meeting room to boat deck, we’re right there. For us, the key to a successful global partnership is being hands on. We think it works. And judging by our exclusive, long-term partnerships, our clients do too.

The Long Haul

Our clients need a stable, trustworthy partner to rely on. A single company that’s there from day one: responsible and reliable. For our clients that partner is CTOW. Which is why we work hard at creating exclusive, long-term partnerships with them, from day one. As full partners we plan together and accomplish our goals on a global and local front. From the first meeting we build long-term partnerships that lay the foundations for a sustainable future.