Customers’ Value Chain

By understanding our customers’ business we offer our services as integral part of the customers’ value chain, hence enhancing the results and maximizing the cost efficiency.
Our competences are based on application of global standards and we weave this expertise into the local demands. We do this by establishing local partnerships and joint ventures with local experts.

Safety First

At CTOW, our highest priority is complying with Healthy, Safety and Environmental (HSE) requirements, with minimal risks to our people and equipment. We pride ourselves in taking care of our most valuable asset: our crews in the field. Which is why we make no compromises in providing a healthy, safe working environment for them, while maintaining a sound ecological balance in and around the water. We’re proud to offer environmental support along with our other dedicated maritime services. At the end of the day, what matters most to us is that our people are happy to work insecure and clean environment.

Quality Guaranteed

In everything we do, CTOW strives to deliver the highest quality of excellence (QA). We know exactly what’s required of us by our first class clients: the oil & gas majors, mining and utility companies, quarry’s, large container terminals, new harbour and port developments; they know we deliver the highest QA standards possible. They can count on us for the on-time delivery of quality products, systems and services. And we’ll gladly go out of our way to exceed expectations and standard requirements. Because we take great care in pleasantly surprising our clients and offering themcomplete customer satisfaction.